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About Us

Silvertown Taxis has been serving the local area for over 30 years, successfully transporting people every day of the year, around the clock.

As Cheshire’s largest taxi fleet, we have upgraded and re-invested in the technology we use and offer to our customers, to ensure we can meet the demand for our services.

We now offer a state of the art passenger booking app, an easy to use web booking portal and the latest taxi dispatch software, ensuring you always get the closest vehicle to you. Not only does this improve pick up times, it also helps to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our Passenger App can now be used anywhere in the UK, partnering with similar firms up and down the country, avoiding the need to download a local taxi app when you travel away from your home area. Simply book as normal when you arrive at your UK destination.

Fast & Reliable Service

We have also invested heavily in our Call Centre, introducing more staff, Interactive Voice Recognition and priority booking tools for important train station or airport bookings.

Your calls will no longer hang in mid-air for minutes on end, we will ensure you are answered quickly and your vehicle dispatched immediately. Our team will also track your flight or train, ensuring your booking is only dispatched when you are expecting to be transported.

We offer a range of vehicles 24 hours of the day and always give you a fixed price for your journey. This eliminates issues arising from metered fares, so no nasty surprises!

At Silvertown Taxi’s, we take your transport needs very seriously and will make every effort to get you collected and transported on time, every time!


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